There are many options available when it comes to collaborations. Whether you need a Tali Demon feature,
a chorus, a custom crafted song, a fresh beat, a song layout, or just some overall help, we can provide it all.

Tali Demon specializes in song choreographing and ghost writing, and, along with beat production and
engineering by Fritz Van Kosky, a professional quality product will be guaranteed for every project.
Prices vary by project. If you are interested in any type of collaboration, please contact Tali Demon directly at
TaliDemon@gmail.com. Please make sure to include a detailed inquiry in the email (singing, rapping, writing,
production) along with a contact phone number.

HOOK DA BEAT (Tali Demon & Fritz the Cat)
Tali Demon Entertainment and FTC Musik Labz LLC have come together with a fun and unique project we
like to call Hook Da Beat. HDB projects come with a pre-formatted song ready to go with a fresh beat and
catchy chorus. The hook is performed by Tali Demon, but it's your choice to keep the vocals or perform them
yourself. We also include mixing and mastering on these songs, and encourage working closely with 
the artist(s). The prices will vary on these projects depending on the song. We work with our clients and are
understanding of each unique case, so don't feel discouraged in any way; we are here to help. To request
a free catalog of the tracks for sale send an email to Talidemon@gmail.com