Welcome to Tali Demon dot com! It's great to be back in action again. I have a lot planned for the new year, including a new album and new collaborations. We are so glad to have our website back! Everything "Tali Demon" can now be found in one place. No more searching the internet for CDs, merch, inquires or the latest news. If it's important, you will find it right here.
Take a few minutes to browse the website; everything is simple, beautiful, and, most importantly, right to the point! CDs and are for sale in the Store along with digital downloads. The Music section will be your hot spot for free listening and free downloads. The Contact and Collaboration pages are up to date and full of important contacts and information. Feel free to get a hold of us at any time.
I'd like to take a moment and give a shout out to my beautiful and dedicated fans. I'm sorry for making you wait so long for new music and updates. I've gotten a chance to chat with some of you over the years and really got to know some of you. I always try my best to respond to the emails and messages. I've received so much love and so many blessings well beyond my worth. The stories I've heard about how my music has touched your lives and even helped some of you through troubled times... I'm speechless. It inspires so much greatness in me. I hope to continue to bring you happiness through my craft. Sharing my gift with you brings me so much joy. I'm glad to have y'all here for the next chapter of my life. Please continue to read on for the latest news for the upcoming year. I even have a Christmas present for ya.... 2 brand new Tali Demon singles!
So From all of us here at Tali Demon Entertainment, we'd like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!  


The first project I'd like to introduce is our "Hook Da Beat" collaboration project. HDB is a Singer/Songwriter concept that Fritz the Cat and I have teamed up for. It will not be an actual album release, but we will be debuting singles sporadically. This project is completely dedicated to collaborating with other artists. The concept is simple: We supply you with all that is needed to make a hit song. We will have catalogs of songs for you to choose from. The songs will come ready with chorus and a theme. I will be performing the chorus (or one of my singers), but it will be your choice whether to perform it yourself or not. The level of actual involvement on our part is completely up to you. You can choose from a complete song (with hooks, bridges & verses) all the way to a simple 8 bar Tali Demon feature. And this will not just be Rap and Hip-Hop songs, we will have a variety of different sounds and genres to support. The doors are finally open for Tali Demon Collaborations. It is my life's goal to be a professional songwriter. This will be the first step I take down this path.

I've met a lot of talented artists (especially rappers) who have skills, but cannot find the right creative outlet. The lack of support and the dreaded 'writers block' can take a major toll on your self esteem as a struggling artist in this industry. These artists I encounter always seem to be needing the same thing: just a little push in the right direction. That's where I come in. There is absolutely no well known or acknowledged singer/songwriters in the underground scene. I want to be the first to bring this important and much needed roll to the artists who need it the most: the talented underground. Every major record company across the world has a team of singer/songwriters who do nothing all day but write and perform songs for the artists on the label. Some songs are used right away while other bounce around for awhile until the right fit is found. Most of the songs you hear on the radio were not written by the artist who is performing it. And these artists are super successful! pride aside, it takes an entire crew of folk to develop an artist. Don't feel ashamed for reaching out for help, or seeking advice. That being said, the underground has no one out there to help the young artists. Venues are ripping them off, fake independent record companies are making false promises... the list goes on. The odds are stacked against us. I've been around the block a few times now; I've seen it first hand and I have a solution: HDB. You now have a place to find top quality production, song choreography, features, hooks, advice, and just some help in general! Again, don't ever feel ashamed or guilty for seeking the help of a songwriter. Feel ashamed for the talented few who choose to do nothing as they watch their talent age and fade. The choice is completely up to you.  You can find all the contact information you need by clicking the Collaborations link at the top of the page. This section is completely dedicated to the HDB project. Fritz and I look forward to working with you and helping you grow your brand.

*My God given talent is songwriting. It started back as early as I can remember: making up cheesy lyrics to video game beats and writing silly rhymes to well known jingles. It all came naturally. As I grow and master my craft, I know where I belong in this industry. I'm proud to debut my first single from this project: Gwensai. This song is a character-concept song where Gwensai is a character from my fantasy novel. The artist featured wrote their own lyrics while following the provided story and theme. I perform the hook, the second verse, and choreographed the song. Production is done by Fritz Van Kosky. He and I are the executive producers of this track, and will be working together on each and every project that is presented. Enjoy the new Tali Demon single featuring ill e. gal*

Gwensai Click Here
HDB Project
Written by: Morgan Patrick & Sara Loiselle
Performed by: Tali Demon & ill e. gal
Production by: Fritz the Cat


I'm excited to announce that I will be releasing a new album this year! I call this project, LV. 99 and Still Grinding and I've been flirting with doing an album like this for quite some time now. This album will be unique due to the fact that I will only be using original video game soundtracks to perform over. This album will be stuffed with classic video game music composed by some of the worlds best (Nobuo Uematsu, Motoi Sakuraba, Motoaki Takenouchi, and Hitoshi Sakimoto..) and will feature songs from video games like Tales of Destiny, Sonic the Hedgehog, the Shining Force series and the Final Fantasy series. Like I mentioned earlier, I got my start by writing to video game beats so this is right up my creative ally! Some of these songs I've been singing for decades, I can't express how excited I am for this album! We do not have an official release date set yet, but are aiming for the fall of 2017. We will be keeping you posted as we move forward into this upcoming year.
Once again, I'd like to leave you with a sample of the flavor that is to come. I present you the first single from LV. 99 and Still Grinding, "His Way Back Home" from the OST of Final Fantasy VII. This song is dedicated to Jacob. Always in my heart. Always on my mind.

His Way Back Home Click Here
LV. 99 and Still Grinding
Written and performed by: Morgan Patrick // Tali Demon
Original Music Score by: Nobuo Uematsu
Final Fantasy VII // "The Great Warrior"
Tali Demon Entertainment 2017